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Tree Aid

GC Components are proudly supporting Tree Aid, to help grow trees in the drylands of Africa, restore degraded land and support communities at the forefront of climate change. 

About Tree Aid

"Tree Aid works with people in the drylands of Africa to help lift themselves out of poverty and protect their environment from the effects of the climate crisis. 

People here live in some of the toughest conditions on earth and trees are essential to their survival. Trees provide nutrition, generate income and help to create a healthy environment.

Led by local people, our projects make sure trees thrive so they can provide nutritious food and incomes today, and look after the environment for the future." - Tree Aid

Their Progress and How We Help

GC Components along other amazing companies, both big and small, all contribute to supporting Tree Aid and the incredible work they do in Africa. One of the ways we help is by spreading awareness of Tree Aid. 

In just the last 5 years, Tree Aid has:

Grown 10,700,000 Trees

Restored 137,000 hectares of land 

Supported over 1,300,000 People

This is just a snapshot of the wonderful work they have done. You can learn more about their progress by reading their report which can be found here.

If you would like to know more about Tree Aid and the incredible work that they are doing, Visit their website at the link below. 

Here is a gallery showing all the hard work Tree Aid is doing :) Clicking on each photo reveals more information.

All photos - Credit Tree Aid

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