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Send Your Excess Stock List To
(Spreadsheets Accepted)

Excess Inventory

Warehouse full of old stock? Projects cancelled before completion? last minute design changes? All these issues can leave you stuck with un-needed stock which may be sitting around taking up precious space and collecting dust. At GC Components, we would be happy to take those off your hands. With a fair cash offer and even arranging collection we will help you move on your unwanted components, leaving you with extra space for future projects while helping you recoup some of the cost. 

Single Line Items

We can buy your stock on a line by line basis. For example, You may only have 1-3 part numbers available now with the potential for more in the future. Then we can buy those from you whenever you're ready saving you time, money and space. There may be mixed date codes or partial quantities, both are okay, but will be assessed when we receive the details about your stock.

Lot Purchases

There may have been multiple projects that have reached end-of-life or possibly cancelled on short notice both can lead to many parts left without use. If this happens, then clearing the space could not be easier. Just send us a list of your stock and we will assess and make an offer. If you accept, then we will arrange collection and all you need to do is package the goods and finally reclaim the lost space in your warehouse.


Interested in selling your excess stock? Send us an email to And we will get back to you ASAP. You can also send us a spreadsheet with all the details of your stock. Alternatively, you can use the form below to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Have excess stock? Send us a message!

If you wish to sell more than 3 items, then send us an email to

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Send Your Excess Stock List To
(Spreadsheets Accepted)

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