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841 Heavy Duty High Inrush 30A Relay

841 Heavy Duty High Inrush 30A Relay

Song Chuan

Part Series​:


Contact Configuration:

1A, 2A

Contact  Rating (Resistive Load):

30A 220VAC; 2A: 25A 220VAC

Coil Voltage:

DC: 3 – 200V AC: 6 -240V

Power Consumption:

DC: 1.92W AC: 1.7VA – 2.7VA


Heavy duty 30A 240VAC, 25A 240VAC power type

AC and DC coils are both available

PCB terminals and quick terminal types

Optional for special large contact gap 3.0mm version. SPNO-ST and DPNO-ST contact configuration

Complies with RoHS-Directive 2011/65/EU

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